As the largest science park operator in the world, the TusPark innovation ecosystem is uniquely positioned to help you scale up

TusPark Beijing, the flagship and headquarters of TusPark

TusPark Beijing, the flagship and headquarters of TusPark

TUS Holdings (“TUS”) is the university-owned enterprise of Tsinghua University.

As a holding corporation managing assets valued over US$30 Billion and a controlling shareholder/shareholder of over 800 enterprises, TUS has established the world’s largest global innovations ecosystem with over 200 innovation bases that have incubated over 5000 enterprises.

TUS developed a model integrating incubation services, financial investment, entrepreneurship training, open innovation, and an end-to-end financial service platform.

A view of Innovation Plaza, Beijing

A view of Innovation Plaza, Beijing

It invests in and operates some of China’s leading corporations in environmental protection, new energy, healthcare, new materials and other strategic emerging industries.

TUS has 3 main types of business platforms for enterprises: TusStar Incubators, TusParks, and TusCities. These are spread over 50 cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, and more, making it China’s biggest innovation ecosystem.

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The TusParks collectively form the world’s largest science park network, making up over 5 million square metres of space. A further 10 million square metres are in the pipeline for completion. These science parks incubate more than 3,000 high tech companies, spin-offs and startups. They contribute to regional capacity, particularly in the tech and science capabilities of the region. The flagship and headquarters of the TusParks is the Tsinghua University Science Park based in the heart of the Zhongguancun area in Beijing, which is the world’s largest science park, with an annual R&D output exceeding RMB 5 Billion and annual sales income exceeding RMB 100 Billion.

The TusCities are a model for China’s new urbanization and focus on science and technology innovation. In addition to a TusPark, these also include community, residential, retail and other sectors within the geography of a TusCity, with innovation at its centre.

TUS Holdings is the parent company of TusPark UK.

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