How to Work With Us

TUS UK works with different types of organizations and adds value in different ways

Incubation in TusPark Newcastle Eagle Labs

Incubation in TusPark Newcastle Eagle Labs

tech Start-ups

We have a passion for working with early and scale-up stage companies, advising them on their positioning and market entry to China:

• Workspace and Incubation

We provide physical office spaces for you to be based in, and can network you locally inside the cities where we are currently based in the UK. Our workspaces in the UK are also uniquely equipped, such as the Industry 4.0 Makerspace in Newcastle, and the upcoming Bio Innovation Centre in Cambridge.

>> TusPark Cambridge

>> TusPark Newcastle

• Innovation Competitions

We work with High-Level collaborators in China and the UK to run start-up competitions. We can encourage start-up businesses to submit their business proposals to us, and recommend them to future competitions. This provides opportunities for Founders to start understanding the Chinese market, through visiting and interacting inside China, in person.

Case Studies

We collaborated with the organisation committee of the 4th Internet+ Innovation Competition, initiated by the Ministry of Education, China in Aug/Sept 2018

We brought startups from our FORGE accelerator to the Anji tech startup competition in October 2018.

• Advice about Entering China

We give practical advice and things to consider when moving your startup to China, such as data security, GDPR, intellectual property, business culture, and more.

The FORGE startups in Beijing

The FORGE startups in Beijing

Scale-up companies

If you’re a business looking to expand into the Chinese market, or an organisation helping scale-ups to do the same, we can help in the following ways:

• Accelerator Programs

We can run or co-organize accelerator programs to bring startups into China. A program may include incubation in the UK before the actual Chinese programme. The UK component can therefore include topics in entrepreneurship, legals, accounts, intellectual property, and strategy.

Case Study

In early 2018, we partnered with Innovate UK to run FORGE, the first UK-China accelerator program: investing, incubating and bringing 9 Internet-of-Things startups to Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao in China.

• Market Entry

As we are the largest innovation ecosystem in China, we are able to help find suitable joint venture or supply chain partners for scale-ups who wish to enter the Chinese market. We can also introduce businesses to Chinese governments, and apply on their behalf for financial support and favourable policies in China.

• Investments

We provide a range of financial services, including investments and Chinese investor networking, both in the UK and in China. Please refer to our link on TUS UK’s investment and financial activity, as well as our principles for cross border value creation:

>> TUS UK: Finance

>> Cross Border Value Creation

TechNation CEO Gerard Grech in TusPark

TechNation CEO Gerard Grech in TusPark

Larger businesses and organizations

We can work with larger businesses looking to expand into the Chinese market, or to solidify their links, partnerships and supply chains in China.

We also work with other organizations in the UK whose job it is build tech ecosystems, especially cross-border links into China, and can host activities in the UK focused on China.

We are also able to help local governments in the UK, region-focused LEPs, non-profit organizations, and the UK’s main government, to reach its counterparts in China.



Case Studies

•Hosted the launch of TechNation Newcastle and North-East

• Hosted DIT event: Visit by Richard Burn, HM Trade Commissioner for China

Tsinghua Alumni.jpeg

Research institutions

With our roots as a spin out from Tsinghua University, and still its affiliated organization, TUS UK bridges China and the UK in academia and research.

• Hosting Conferences

In mid-2018, we organized the UK-China AI working meeting

• Academic Network

We can recommend you to High-Level events and conferences in China through our network

• Government Visits

We can help you attend events and visits by Chinese governments to the UK