Delegation from Tsinghua University Visits TusPark UK

A delegation from Tsinghua University led by Dr Qinxian Jin, Deputy Secretary General of Tsinghua University and Dean of the Office for Technology Transfer, visited Tuspark Cambridge.

Dr. Qinxian Jin leads Tsinghua University's effort in connecting research-driven academia with market-driven industry to create innovative technology businesses. Under his leadership, the Office of Technology works on establishing an effective technology transfer system with multiple service modules to promote collaborations between Tsinghua's departments/schools and various industry sectors.

The Office also manages the University's strategic investment platforms and international collaborative projects in technology transfer, as well as several industrial research institutes that receive funding and support from local governments and industries.

The Tsinghua delegation wanted to explore the cutting-edge technologies in the Cambridge innovation ecosystem, as well as gaining experiences of technology transfer.

It visited two leading biotech companies: Owlstone Medical — who had successfully commercialised from the University of Cambridge, and Biosceptre — who spun out from University of Sydney, which are both Cambridge based life science enterprises.


Chris Claxton, Head of Investor Relations of Owlstone Medical introduced the development and core technology of Owlstone Medical, and demonstrated the Breath Biopsy®.


Shaun McNulty, Chief Scientific Officer of Biosceptre delivered a presentation to explain its next-generation cancer therapeutics utilising its proprietary target, nfP2X7

The delegation met Jeanette Walker, Director of Cambridge Science Park to discuss possible collaborations in the future. Both parties also discussed joint work on clean energy, and Jeanette indicated that a clean energy innovation centre is being planned at Cambridge Science Park focusing on next-generation energy storage.

The delegation concluded their tour with a visit to Cambridge Enterprise. Dr. Jin said: “I’d like to deliver my appreciation to the TusPark UK team, and thank them for all their efforts to make this visit possible. It’s a pleasure to meet these outstanding enterprises, and see how their cutting-edge technologies are changing the field of diagnostics, and improving the effectiveness of cancer treatments. We learnt about many achievements and technology transfer experiences during our discussion at Cambridge Science Park and Cambridge Enterprise. Those successful cases and rich experiences make me look forward to expanding collaborations between Cambridge and Tsinghua University as well as strengthening our connections.”