TusPark Newcastle Featured as a Top Incubator and Coworking Space by WIRED

TusPark Newcastle has been featured by WIRED magazine as one of the top co-working spaces for tech entrepreneurs in the UK.

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WIRED UK is a prominent technology and business publication. It aims to be the leading source of news and thought-pieces about how innovation is shaping society, politics and business. This UK-focused version of the magazine is affiliated with the original US version, founded in 1993.

WIRED’s article, “The UK’s Best Coworking Spaces (that aren’t WeWork)” talks about the cultural phenomenon of coworking spaces, which entrepreneurs rent as their first office because of their low cost and flexible leasing terms.


Of these, TusPark Newcastle has been singled out as one of the best, and also notes how TusPark has been supporting the local tech ecosystem and entrepreneurs, through hosting events such as Founders Friday.

“The closure of Campus North … in 2018 was a big blow to Newcastle's startups, but TusPark, set up by a Chinese company providing co-working spaces, has tried to fill the gap,” the article notes.

It also observes that TusPark Newcastle “styles itself as an incubator, not just a co-working space” as it provides support for its residents to help build their business through its Newcastle partners such as Sintons (law and IP), Blu Sky (accountancy), and Barclays (banking).

Barclays bank has also made TusPark Newcastle the venue of its Newcastle Eagle Lab presence, connecting residents to the UK’s largest business incubator network, as well as creating a Prototyping Lab for Industry 4.0 in the space.

TusPark Newcastle also runs accelerator programmes such as FORGE and Ignite. It will be hosting the CleanTech accelerator later in 2019, in collaboration with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, a UK government support for scaling-up SME’s in the sector, and with which TUS has a joint collaboration in Yantai, China, to assist UK companies in entering the Chinese market through TUS’s network.

TusPark Newcastle also connects its residents into the TusStar network in China, which is the country’s largest network of early-stage incubators.

Through its work, TusPark is able to provide local, national, and international support to its members and partners.