China-UK Qingdao Oversea Innovation Centre was launched in TusPark Cambridge

A delegation from Qingdao, Shandong province of China led by Xianghui Bian, Minister of Organisation Department of Qingdao, , visited TusPark Cambridge, to celebrate the launch of the China-UK Qingdao Overseas Innovation Centre.


Kevin Lin, President of TusPark UK, warmly welcomed the delegation. Mr Lin related the history and development of Cambridge Science Park from its founding to the current day. TusPark Cambridge is based at the Park as a result of a joint venture between TUS and Trinity College, University of Cambridge.


The delegation was also shown the completed sections of Tuspark Cambridge, including the state-of-the-art Bio-Innovation Centre, a regional first featuring world-class facilities for the life sciences and HealthTech innovation, including wet laboratories for research.

TUS UK had previously collaborated with Innovate UK, the arm of the UK government that focuses on technology and innovation, holding its FORGE accelerator based around IoT at TusPark Newcastle, to invest and bring UK startups into Chinese cities, including Qingdao.


At the launch symposium, Mr Lin spoke about TusPark UK’s overarching concept of “Two Countries, Twin Science Parks”, helping startups and scale-ups from the UK ecosystem to set up and incubate in China through TUS’s nationwide network of industry, government and academia. Cambridge is an important node in this plan.

Mr Peng Lv, Director of Qingdao Municipal Science & Tech. Bureau, said: “we are delighted to collaborate with TUS, and we expect TUS’s innovation network to bring more innovative enterprises to Qingdao, boosting its development in the fields of AI, life sciences, and clean energy.’


“Qingdao welcomes talented people, and we are keen to settle them in Qingdao and settle, as they transfer their achievements to make Qingdao an innovation city,” Ms Bian said. “We look forward to seeing great outcomes from the establishment of this China-UK Qingdao Oversea Innovation Centre.”

Mr Lin said, “Qingdao is a city rich in history and innovation, creating many well-known enterprises, such as Haier. We’ve seen its potential. As significant nodes of TUS’s ecosystem, we will work to connect Qingdao and Cambridge, as well as China and the UK.”