Yangzhou Delegation visited Tuspark Cambridge

A delegation from Yangzhou, Jiangsu province of China led by Yang Chen, Vice-Mayor of Yangzhou, visited TusPark Cambridge.

Kevin Lin, President of TusPark UK, warmly welcomed delegation and delivered a detailed introduction of the Cambridge Science Park, where TusPark Cambridge is based, as well as TusPark Cambridges’s joint venture with the Cambridge Science Park.


Kevin addressed, as top-level players in science parks, collaboration of TusPark and the Cambridge Science Park serves both UK and China. TusPark UK has been working on connecting the innovation ecosystems of China and the UK, by using Tus’s resource and the largest global innovation network. TusPark Cambridge is not only a science park but one of 300 Tus innovation nodes in China and the world. Each node closely connects with government, industry and academic that aims to provide greater possibility to startups and scale-ups, as well as match the right opportunities for both British and Chinese enterprises. 


The delegation was also shown the state-of-the-art Bio-Innovation Centre, the first wet laboratory in Cambridge Science Park, and featuring world-leading facilities for biotech research and healthtech innovation. Dr Wei Meng, Operations Director of TusPark UK led the delegation viewing the Bio-Innovation Centre and explained the layout and facilities.


Yang agreed the significant impact of the joint venture of TusPark and Cambridge Science Park. Also, he expressed: ‘Bio-Innovation Centre provides the world-class facilities that, I believe, will create a home to innovation in field of life science. Tuspark Yangzhou is about to open, and we expect, increasingly UK technology companies will land to Yangzhou via TusPark global innovation network’.