Daniel Stephen Zeichner, MP for Cambridge Visited TusPark Cambridge

Daniel Stephen Zeichner and Kevin Lin

Daniel Stephen Zeichner and Kevin Lin

MP for Cambridge, Daniel Stephen Zeichner, was warmly welcomed by President of TusPark UK, Kevin Lin, during his visit to TusPark Cambridge today.

At a symposium specially held to mark the event, Mr Lin introduced the history of TusPark, from its origination as a spin-out from Tsighua University in Beijing, to the establishment of TusPark Cambridge via a ground breaking £200M investment into the Cambridge Science Park, and the establishment of a joint venture between both organizations.

Mr Zeichner was also shown the upcoming state-of-the-art Bio Innovation Centre, the first on the Park, and featuring world-leading facilities for biotech research and HealthTech innovation.

Mr Lin also explained TUS UK’s overarching concept of “Two Countries, Twin Science Parks”, helping startups and scale-ups from the UK ecosystem to set up and incubate in China through TUS’s nationwide network with industry, government and academia, with Cambridge being an important node.

“Through the TUS Global Innovation Ecosystem,” Mr Lin said, “This landmark joint venture serves both Cambridge and the UK, as well as accelerating cooperation between China and the UK.”

Mr Zeichner expressed his support for TUS’s strategy to link the two country’s tech and science ecosystems: “We hope TusPark can expand its support to other places in the UK, for instance expanding the golden triangle area, so that not only Cambridge but the wider country may increase its collaboration with China in future.”