The China-UK Innovation Centre was officially Launched

14th October, Beijing, the opening ceremony of the China-UK Innovation Centre and the China-UK Innovation Summit were held in Tsinghua Science Park Sun Hall.

China-UK Innovation Centre is the result of collaboration of TusPark UK and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission that purposes to be a high-quality platform for integrating innovation resources in China and the UK, focusing on the UK's scientific and technological achievements with innovation and R & D advantages, to provide integrated solutions for needs of China-UK collaboration, and strive for being an influential, effective and distinctive platform of innovation and cultural exchange between China and the UK.


China-UK Innovation Centre keens to gather innovative entrepreneurial, transforming the world-leading scientific and technological achievements, as well as landing high-tech and innovative enterprises, while bringing a number of international innovation service organisations, and creating distinctive innovation activities. It will focus on strengthen the connection between China and the UK in field of technological innovation, providing two-way solutions to serve enterprises making more partnerships and meet more opportunities. Look forward to having more UK enterprises land in China as well as more China’s enterprise go global. 


Nearly 100 representatives and speakers attended the ceremony, who were from governments, universities, science parks, innovation institutions, investment institutions and outstanding enterprises.


Rory Landman, Senior Bursar of Trinity College, University of Cambridge, unveiled the China-UK Innovation Centre on behalf of Trinity College. He delivered keynote speech to introduce the road to the transformation of scientific and technological innovations at University of Cambridge, and inspiring the development of the China-UK Innovation Network.


John Edwards, Minister-Counsellor of the International Trade Department of the British Embassy, mentioned in his speech that ‘the UK has built excellent capabilities for both basic research and forward-looking research, and Chinese government places technological innovation as the core of the country's overall development. The scientific and technological cooperation will be closer between China and UK.’

Representatives from Beijing Economic Information Technology Bureau, Tsinghua University Technology Transfer Research Institute, Tsinghua University School of Pharmacy, Zhongguancun Talent Association and other related institutions attended the ceremony as well as many outstanding enterprises from UK and China participated, included

·       Connected Places Catapult (CPC) — focusing on growing businesses with innovations in mobility services and the built environment that enable new levels of physical, digital and social connectedness,

·       Cambridge Wireless — is the leading international community for companies involved in the research, development and application of wireless and mobile, internet, semiconductor and software technologies

·       Advisian RE Energy Capabilities — creating value by solving the world’s critical resource energy and infrastructure challenges, and bringing deep and broad expertise in the energy sector to help find the right solution, implement that solution and ensure full advantages are realised. Advision has settle its HQ in Tuspark Newcastle Eagle Lab.

·       Euronet Worldwide — a leader in global electronic transactions and payments and facilitate the payments between financial institutions, retailers, service providers and consumers.

·       Taiyou Fund — a private equity investment fund focusing on seed investment and angel investment that is jointly established by a management team led by Tsinghua University and a group of outstanding entrepreneurs

·       Beijing ifenxi Technology Co., Ltd. — a research-oriented media focuses on innovation on technology application and industry trend, by using enterprise value research as the core to serve corporate decision makers and institutional investors

·       Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. — is the first high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise in China with the capability of developing, manufacturing as well as marketing series of targeted drugs.


In ceremony, TusPark UK also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Connected Places Catapult, Taiyu Fund and ifenxi to jointly build a well China-UK science and technology innovation ecosystem.