Novogene Europe Relocates its Genomic Sequencing Centre to Bio-Innovation Centre, Cambridge Science Park

Novogene Europe has upgraded and relocated its first European Genomic Sequencing Centre to TusPark UK’s Bio-Innovation Centre on the Cambridge Science Park. The grand opening ceremony of Novogene’s new facility was held at 2 pm, 11th October 2019.

Novogene is first Chinese company home in Bio-Innovation Centre that is one of the world’s largest and professional NGS service providers. The Novogene Europe subsidiary was established in 2014 to address the European market for NGS and expand Novogene’s business in Europe. Novogene Europe now provides leading edge services and solutions to customers in over 30 countries in Europe.

Novogene’s comprehensive service offering at its Cambridge Genomic Sequencing Centre includes human genome sequencing, plant and animal genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, metagenome sequencing, and lanes sequencing. Additional services are planned for the near future enabling Novogene Europe to provide even more optimized solutions for clients based on their research goals.



Computing Clusters

Computing Clusters

The move to the Bio-Innovation Centre has enabled Novogene’s Cambridge Genomic Sequencing Centre to expand its operation and continue to provide unsurpassed turnaround times and guaranteed data quality. With a professional team recruited from all over the world, the Centre offers leading-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services and solutions for all types of projects. The lab is now equipped with a variety of platforms, including an automatic system for library preparation, multiple NovaSeq 6000s and High Performance Computing Clusters. Compared to other platforms, NovaSeq6000 delivers higher throughput and output in a shorter run cycle to meet the requirements for comprehensive research. Together with the supercomputing platforms, Novogene Cambridge Genomic Sequencing Centre is now capable of performing more than 280,000 human WGS analysis per year.


Ms. Tingting Zhou, the general manager of Novogene Europe, said, “The relocation of Novogene Cambridge Genomics Sequencing Centre helps us to improve our services, which is a significant development milestone of Novogene Europe. This means that we can deliver higher levels of NGS services and help our clients to solve the practical problems in their research. Our customers encouraged us to expand our services as we have always been trying to maximize the benefits for our customers. I also believe that our Cambridge Genomic Sequencing Centre will continue to thrive.”

 “We are delighted to welcome Novogene to the Bio-Innovation Centre,” said Dr. David Chaplin, TusPark’s General Manager of the Bio-Innovation Centre. “Emerging technologies like NGS play critical roles in human health, environmental protection, plant and animal breeding and microbial remediation. The relocation of Novogene Cambridge Genomic Sequencing Centre is a fantastic new addition to the Cambridge Science Park. It’s our pleasure to establish a long-term relationship and grow together with Novogene.”

About Novogene Europe

Novogene Europe, established in 2014, is a Subsidiary of Novogene. It makes significant contributions to advancing human heath, agriculture, and environmental protection. Over 300 scientific research institutes and biotechnology companies in Europe rely on the powerful technologies and services of Novogene Europe. With leading-edge platforms, well developed bioinformatics pipelines, extensive experience in NGS, and the support from skilled employees, Novogene Europe has become the most competitive NGS provider in Europe.

More information is available on its website: