Chairman of Tus Holdings, Mr Jiwu Wang, congratulates Sir Gregory Winter, Master of Trinity College on being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018

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On 3rd Oct 2018, Sir Greg Winter was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Frances Arnold and George Smith, for his pioneering work on “phage display of peptides and antibodies” that resulted in creating new forms of pharmaceuticals.

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As a key partner of Trinity College, TUS Holdings and CNIC congratulates Sir Greg Winter for his winning of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018.

Chairman of TUS Holdings, Mr Jiwu Wang and CEO of CNIC, Mr Yuxian Zhou, said in their warm letter: “Our congratulations to Sir Greg Winter’s outstanding achievements in developing phage display. We are truly grateful for his many contributions to the field of healthcare. We are also thankful for his long-term support and selfless effort to promote our cooperation: we will spare no effort to follow up.”