TUS Holdings is a large integrated enterprise established in reliance on Tsinghua University, China’s leading university for technology, and engineering. It is the shareholder, and in some cases the main shareholder, of over 800 listed and non-listed enterprises, with total assets under management exceeding RMB 200 Billion.

Unique to our approach, our portfolio companies – and any organizations that we work with, whether in China or abroad – likewise benefit from the high degree of experience, sector knowledge, market awareness and supply-chain relationships, that we and our industries have already built up.

TUS Holdings understands technological and industrial trends in the world, as well as national development policies in China, actively responding to these. As the largest innovation ecosystem in China, present in every major city, TUS uniquely possesses an innovation base which its companies can rely on, with both an industrial and financial support system built it.

The TUS innovation ecosystem currently contains industry-leading enterprises of China, even as it has been the effective promoter of regional development in China’s New Economy. We have 7 sector focuses which serve as a guiding principle for our investments, and form the basis of the way we add value to our current and incoming portfolio companies.

Sector Focuses


1. Environmental

TUS Holdings has built an industrial platform around its environment-related holdings, such as Tus-Sound, Tus-Water, THUNIP, BIOREM (Canada), YaDu and Tus-Eco. It is devoted to ecology, environmental protection and regional green development.


2. Digital

TUS Digital is the main delivery body for the digital strategy of TUS Holdings. It is responsible for equity investments into digital industries, plus the operations and investments into smart cities, which TUS as a science park and science city operator, has the capacity to build. Core capabilities of the TUS Digital sector includes IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile and Ubiquitous computing, Network Security and new generation Network Infrastructures.

Clean energy.png

3. Clean Energy

TUS Clean Energy is the ecosystem built around the TUS Clean Energy Group, Tsinghua Solar, Tustsingyun Energy, Tus-OPTIM, HE-Energy, Nowva Energy, Raising Group and others.

It has also created 2 clean energy funds for investing in and growing the sector.


4. Health

Tus's healthcare strategy is centered around the patient. Clustering around the patient, we have finance, healthcare services and life science companies, with the aim to provide affordable care and bring the best medical solutions to address the unmet medical needs of today. Over the years, we have made significant investments into specialist hospitals, medical laboratories and other care providers. We have also collaborated with a number of partners to investigate alternative healthcare finance solutions, with the aim of better healthcare access for patients The last part of the helix is on life science companies. We have invested into over 30 life science companies, predominantly focusing on disruptive technologies, to bring the best and most advanced products to patients.

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New Materials.jpg

5. New Materials

The New Material industrial platform that TUS Holdings builds around the TUS Material Group has roots in Tus-Qingyuan’s leadership in China in the development and production of membrane separation products. The company has built strong R&D teams and complete research systems in Shanghai, and is able to conduct water quality analysis, small-scale tests and pilot-scale tests, and to develop applications of membrane separation technologies in such fields as sea water desalination, material separation and concentration, municipal works, reclaimed water utilization, zero-emission process, and industrial water treatment.

Education and training.png

6. Education and Training

TUS Education Group is one of the main business divisions of TusHoldings, with strategic layout for the whole industrial chains of education in such sectors as elementary education, higher education, vocational education, and educational science and technology. At present, this group consists of more than 30 sharing and holding equities, including K12 Education and Training (a leading education and training enterprise in China), a MOOC platform which is the largest online education platform in Asia, the largest maker space focusing on science and education in China, and more.  

Culture and sport.png

7. Culture and Sport

The culture and sport industrial sector that TUS Holdings has built around Tus-Ice & Snow Group, Tus-Qiaobo, Centurystar, Tus Film & Television, and Tus-Media, makes up the ecosystem of culture and sport industries of TUS Holdings.