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Relying on the linkage development of three financial business sectors including equipment investment, assets management and internet finance, TUS Holdings creates a diversified, multi-level and multi-channel financial service system to provide all-round financing and intelligence melting service for different stages of sci-tech enterprise growth.

The finance service system of TUS Holdings covers venture capital investment, fund management, equity investment, assets management, sci-tech securities, direct bank, business factoring, financial leasing, internet finance and other fields. It is dedicated to creating a business system integrating industry and finance as well as industry operation and investment management. Based on Tsinghua's high quality resources and TUS Holdings' industrial advantages, finance business focuses on core business of generic asset management, setting up financial holdings' operation platform, creating S&T financial business innovation and comprehensive service ability, thus it builds a new comprehensive service model which is combined organically by industry and finance, investment and service, online and offline. It aims to become the domestic leading comprehensive S&T financial service provider, providing overall financial services for the development of TUS Holdings' industry, domestic strategic emerging industry and S&T enterprise.