We bring value to our cross-border investees through a series of steps


Step 1: Cross Border Opportunity Assessment 

• Evaluate the local need

• Assess the capacity of the company to expand internationally

Step 2: Define Market Entry Strategy

Work with the company’s management team to define the best market entry strategy based on the company’s:

(a) Know-How,

(b) Size,

(c) Financial Resources

Step 3: Implement the Local Presence

Assist the implementation of the local presence:

Option A - Establishing a local office or subsidiary

• Set up WFOE

• Assist local set up (recruitment, offices, etc)

Option B - Joint Venture

• Help to identify a suitable partner

• Assist the negotiation and enhance communication efficiency

Option C - External Growth operation (M&a)

• Evaluate and approach potential targets

• Assist the negotiation and enhance communication efficiency

• Help select local advisors (legal, financial, strategic, etc)

• Assist the integration post-acquisition

Step 4: Accelerate with TUS Network

• Introduce local customers and business partners by leveraging the TUS innovation ecosystem in China

• Establish local business relationships (upstream and downstream)

• Improve the cross-border operations efficiency

• Lobbying with government bodies

Step 5: Local Business Development

Step 6: Cross Border Value Creation

• Organic growth, IPO, acquisition, etc